Beautiful Sites with built-in control

Easy to use and maintain
World-Class WordPress Development

WordPress is the most powerful, secure, and widely-used and developed CMS (content management system) in the entire universe. Mango uses it for many sites we create. Why? WordPress gives you the power to create content as you please. Whether it’s a blog or a page, you can do it without our need or permission. You don’t have to pay us to create or add something new to your site. Moreover, it makes creating content so simple that your grandma could do it.

More reasons? WordPress has so many plugins to choose from. If your body is WordPress, then plugins are the bionic arm you always wanted. It allows you to do things you never thought possible, and many of these are absolutely free. We also develop and code custom plugins to suit your needs. Think of these like extra features just for you that don’t exist anywhere else.

We have some good news for you. Mango designs and develops WordPress themes and plugins. Basically, we make a gorgeous, mobile-friendly and responsive website with a popular CMS. Then we make it do whatever you need (except time travel… yet). Oh, and then we host it with some blazing fast servers and make sure it gets on Google. It’s as awesome as it sounds.